Account and password - FAQ

Common issues and solutions to account related problems.

Common issues and solutions to account related problems

What is the difference between passwordless and password protected account?

A passwordless account is just what it says. You don't supply a password when you set up an account in this way. When you want to log in, you enter your email address in the signin page and a 'magic link' is email to you. When you click on this 'magic link' you will be authenticated and signed into your account. Please be advised that you need to click on this link from the same device that you used to request it. For example, if you requested a magic link or created a team or pool from your mobile device then you need to click on the magic link from that same device to authenticate and either activate your account or log into your account. Also magic links will have a expiry (usually 24 hrs) and can only be used a single time.

A password protected account is an account that you set a password on, ie. you need to supply a password to log in. If you were initially activated using only your email you can change your account to a password only account by setting your password.

Why do I need an account anyway?

When you create a team or a pool and provide your email, an account is automatically created for that email. The account is needed to link a person to a team or pool and so your pool admin (and this site) know who created it.

If you are just entering a team into a pool you can get away with not activating your account. If you wish to edit your team picks before the tournament starts then you will need to authenticate your account or log into your account to do so.

If you are creating a pool you will need to activate your account after the pool is created so you can finish the pool setup process and begin to accept team entries.

Can I delete my account?

We are working hard to include an account deletion feature directly in the profile section of the dashboard. Until then simply email us at support@golfpoolpro.com and request a manual removal of your account information. Your account will be deleted and any team information you have provided will be anonymized on leaderboards so as to be non identifying.